Château d'Argens

Overlooking the Canal du Midi, Chateau d'Argens is an impressive manor house situated at the heart of the village of the same name, which for a long time formed part of the Lordship of Sérame.

Argens, originally known as Villa Arsegii (881), takes its name from the sandstone and clay soils (argilla in Latin) of the surrounding countryside which zere renowned for their fine quality.

AOP Minervois

Entirely located in the Minervois Protected Designation of Origin, the range of grape varieties available at Château d'Argens allow us to offer subtle, complex and generous wines.

Expressing the Terroir

The grape varieties that make up the vintages of Château d'Argens are cultivated and vinified with a minimum of additives in order to preserve the biodiversity of our vineyards and the expression of their terroir.