The vintage
After a cold and damp winter, a very wet spring and significant rainfall in June, the regions’ groundwater reserves were restored. Unfortunately, this also allowed for the proliferation of some grapevine diseases in certain areas. The very hot summer that followed was punctuated by short rains. This and the favorable temperatures at harvest time allowed us to obtain the best of this vintage in terms of quality. Under this atypical climatic context, it was the Syrah grape variety which flourished the most in our vineyards that year.
Overlooking the Canal du Midi, Chateau d'Argens is an impressive manor house situated at the heart of the village of the same name, which for a long time formed part of the Lordship of Sérame. Argens, originally known as Villa Arsegii (881), takes its name from the sandstone and clay soils (argilla in Latin) of the surrounding countryside which zere renowned for their fine quality. Today, the range of terroirs and grape varieties available allow us to offer subtle, complex, full - bodied wines.
In the vineyard
The grape varieties assembled to make up this vintage are vinified with minimal use of additives.
Harvested at full maturity, the different grape varieties are vinified seperately with a limited use of additives. Cold maceration (8°) before fermenting for the Syrah and Grenache followed by fermenting and extraction at around 27° to optimise the extraction of the tannins.
Partially aged in oak.
Syrah : 40%
Grenache noir : 30%
Mourvèdre : 30%
Alcohol content: 13,5 ABV
AB Agriculture Biologique


Température de service entre 16 et 18°
Ageing potential
5 years
Tasting notes
Robe rouge profond aux reflets grenat, ce vin offre au nez des arômes de fruits mûrs relevés de notes vanillées apportés par son élevage sur bois. Dès l’attaque on observe une belle densité tannique tout en finesse et un bon volume en bouche porté essentiellement par les fruits noirs. La finale, longue se termine sur un bel équilibre entre tanins, fruit et fraicheur.